Sunday, 23 March 2008

The New Trend Is The Untrend: Facebook Suicide

A found this except from Leigh's Blog.

Leigh went on to write..

"I had heard this from someone only last week. Facebook suicide is apparently the new term for early adopters who have had enough with social networking and can't keep up with their latest 5000 friends and decide to get off the Facebook grid.

And now a new blog posting that guides us all through the process of how to quit facebook.

Is this the latest trend? The untrend? Disconnecting from the network? Well, i doubt things will go that far, but it does go to show that once something has crossed the chasm, the window of cool doesn't last all that long. Now the real question will become whether or not that impacts Facebook's business models and/or valuation"

I think its interesting that other people are talking about this too.

Time to disconnect from the system.

Get a real life, not a digital one.

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