Monday, 22 September 2008

Focus a thought, a string, a strand, mind, meditation and others

Every thought that flows through my mind is like a coloured thread, it reaches out and twists and turns around an idea, a person, a place. Each thought had a direction, a desire and a life of it's own. Most of the time I have multiple thoughts, twisting and mixing in my mind all at once. Who am I?, what should I do?, who should I choose?, where should I begin?

The problem with daily life, and being a person as emotionally complex as my self, is that simple tasks, like washing up, putting clothes away, doing WORK, become difficult ot focus on, as while I work or wash or whatever, I am thinking about a million other things at once and I struggle to focus on anything.

Last week I discovered the potential for meditation to help me focus on a particular task. My Grandmother also suggested ZEN, which is the art of acting in the now, focusing your attention at the object or job you are doing, to the exclusion of all other. Obviously if your driving and your 100% focused on the road and nothing else, you could end up brown bread (dead).

So what do we have to focus our minds, ZEN, meditation, extreme sports and that sort of thing.

What do you think about this?