Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Red Twist in the Dark

A Red Twist in the Dark - By me April 2008 (Inspired by the feeling of love, life and beyond)

The Lady of the Red Thread.

A twist, a rip, a twirl in the dark.
A dance a trick, a mix with the mark.
She sang, she fell, she wondered alone.
Little did she know, the feeling would grow.

And once she stood, in the red darkness once more.
She realized it was too late, for her heart to beat for.

He stood across the cassim, with her heart in his hands.
He stood there lonely with no place for his plans.

And once the moon, had set in the sky.
The red princess had vanished beyond the eye.

Alone is that place where he was to be.
Alone at the end, only for the love of the darkness, the stars and the sea.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Meditation the answer to all my problems?

Today I began to meditate.

Could it be the answer I have been looking for?

The search for inner-peace begins.

More to come soon.