Monday, 18 October 2010

My Facebook addiction is a bad joke.

Good morning World.

Well today, is a day where I have decided to try something a little different. Facebook has become far too much of a time waster for me, that I have acctually had to get a friend to lock me out.

She has even gone as so far as to setup a seperate email address, just so that I dont cave in and change my password my self.

As useful as facebook is, I have found my self spending large quantities of time and procrastinating on it daily.

When I have large amounts of work to do, or I am sitting at the station waiting for the train. Instead of reading a book, or when in the studio getting my work done, I sit for hours messing about and reading hte mini feed, staring blankly out in to the nothing-ness of other peoples holographic lives, through the lure of the facebook mini feed.

Where are you with your facebook addiction? Do you think you could live for a month with out it?

Well 3 years ago, we were all just find with out it, what has happened to the world that 500 000 000 people feel the need to be "connected" in such a way. What ever happened to letters and email.

I think I am going to set my self a task to send my friends emails or real letters! gosh! can you imagine my friends faces when they receive a real letter!


Happy Days!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A poem from my beautiful man to me. ( I am indeed a lucky man...)

For half his life he's lived without,
The stong and nurturing hands,
Of guidance from a parent,
Alone in a smokey land.

Yet somehow he's grown up to be
More than most can aspire
So morally enabled,
With a heart that burns like fire

A light to show my problems
A light blind my fears
A light to make everything better
A strong man to wipe my tears!

I love you.