Monday, 18 October 2010

My Facebook addiction is a bad joke.

Good morning World.

Well today, is a day where I have decided to try something a little different. Facebook has become far too much of a time waster for me, that I have acctually had to get a friend to lock me out.

She has even gone as so far as to setup a seperate email address, just so that I dont cave in and change my password my self.

As useful as facebook is, I have found my self spending large quantities of time and procrastinating on it daily.

When I have large amounts of work to do, or I am sitting at the station waiting for the train. Instead of reading a book, or when in the studio getting my work done, I sit for hours messing about and reading hte mini feed, staring blankly out in to the nothing-ness of other peoples holographic lives, through the lure of the facebook mini feed.

Where are you with your facebook addiction? Do you think you could live for a month with out it?

Well 3 years ago, we were all just find with out it, what has happened to the world that 500 000 000 people feel the need to be "connected" in such a way. What ever happened to letters and email.

I think I am going to set my self a task to send my friends emails or real letters! gosh! can you imagine my friends faces when they receive a real letter!


Happy Days!


JD said...

So you start this blog a few years ago with the intention of quitting the abhorrent facebook... Yet, here we are in the future and you STILL go on about your addiction to such nonsense?!
You seriously need to get a grip of yourself!
STOP blaming others and fully take responsibility!
all the while that you are looking at and listening to crap like Abraham and stuff about the so called 'Law of Attraction' you are just filling your mind with useless crap!
There is NO evidence whatsoever that the so called 'Law' has any basis in reality!
A bit like facebook!
Ditch them both and stop being weak willed.
If you get rid of facebook there is absolutely NO NEED to go back to it.
You said it all yourself in that initial addiction post all that time ago and yet here you are, still not listening to your own wise words!
Do you want to go through life constantly regretting your own actions? Just because you are unable to control them?
come on!
Time to take responsibility for yourself!
Remember - Life is VERY short. It is fragile. we are here one minute, gone the next and you know something? apart from a small number of friends and family, once you die, no one hardly even knew you existed. that is it! Life! Over in a heartbeat!
So REALISE this and STOP going round in circles with self doubt and believing BS that is designed only to extract cash from the unsuspecting! All of the Law of Attraction BS is about cash.
See it for what it is!
Run your OWN life!
I wish you all the very best and hope you can ditch the pathetic farcebook before it totally ruins any chance you had at a nice life.

Bobby L said...

WOW! thanks! :-)